Tara's Busy Kitchen

Warm oat milk “hugs in a mug”

“A fat waffle topped with roasted cherry tomatoes on the vine, roasted root vegetables and a vegan hollandaise sauce. I’m still reminiscing about how delicious this dish was. It had everything I needed. Fluffy waffles, earthy roasted veggies and juicy tomatoes. The vegan hollandaise brought all the flavours together.”

Tara is the foodie and creative mind behind Tara’s Busy Kitchen, she has been a regular visitor and friend of our Sacred space since the day that we opened our doors in September.

Having a eye for the details, and the taste buds to match we’re so pleased to have won over her heart and be lucky enough to be included in her writing. She has journaled, one of many, brunch experiences here 🍅

Tara’s main passions lie in food and in the local independent businesses that really are the driving heart of Exeter. Tara also puts on events and food tastings regularly from her home (busy) kitchen space. If you’re looking for an excellent guide to Exeter and the Independent scene, look no further than Tara’s Busy Kitchen, you’ll find a lot of our personal favourites here as well.